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Stop HB 685

Ambulance Billing Restrictions

HB 685 Raises Taxes and Puts Patient Care At Risk

Please reach out to the NH House Commerce Committee and express your opposition to HB 685 which would make balance billing illegal and potentially allow Insurers to set reimbursement for ambulance service to zero.  This is not a consumer protection bill, it is a cost shifting measure which will result in higher property taxes and delays in care.

In the face of our state's devastating addiction crisis, this bill can destroy or delay the only access point to the help that many citizens so desperately need.  As other services and programs are being fortified, expanded and bolstered by the legislature to help with the addiction crisis, this bill will reduce and delay ambulance ability to help these people access these treatment programs.

The correct approach to protecting the consumer from ambulance bills, without foisting the problem onto taxpayers is simply making emergency ambulance service not subject to co-pays and deductibles. 

Please add your voice to ours, reach out to the NH House Commerce Committee at

The text of the bill can be viewed here.