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The NHAA 2012 Executive Board

Scott A. Hodgkins, President


Scott Hodgkins started BestCare Ambulance like the country boy he is, in the barn of a 200 year old Farmhouse in Alton NH, with his wife Carol and dear friend, Michael Shastany in 1992.  By 1995 the ambulances were moved to a more central response area in Laconia.  BestCare specializes in interfacility transfers and so Scott has learned to listen to those members who are providing 911, who are municipal, who are third service operators.  By understanding their needs and unique problems, Scott has worked hard to make the association an inclusive group working together for a common purpose.


Scott Served as president of the NH Ambulance association back in the 90's after Bob Stewart, the original owner of Stewarts ambulance shamed him into it.  Simply by taking credit for all the hard work that everyone else did behind the scenes, the association went from a disbanded group with $300.00 in the checkbook to over $25,000.00.  Because of work done by other people, Scott was able to get credit for the first Medicaid Reimbursement increase for ambulances in ages, the lavish medicaid rates we all enjoy are the result of that effort. (the base rate was $65. before that).  The association also held a trade show, published vendor books, and very active in shaping state policies.


Scott's second go round as president started in a similar fashion as his first.  Tinker Kiesman, calling from his warm Florida retirement in the middle of the winter, shamed Scott into fixing the ambulance association, by forcing the administration at the time, to call a public meeting. Scott thoroughly infuriated parts of the then NHAA administration by suggesting the NHAA should have regular meetings, elections, and most of all, should be making a perfunctory effort in representing the groups opinion at the Trauma Coordinating board.


With the help of Will Riley, Scott was able to call several open meetings of the virtually defunct organization.  These well attended meetings coincided with the resignation of several of the previous administration posts.  Official elections were held in January 2010 and Scott has held this position since then.


As has always been the case, Scott has been furiously scampering around taking credit for the hard work other people do.  The other executive board members, Shawn, Stacy, Will, Justin and Steve have made a yeoman's effort to attend meetings, do research, give speeches, and to push and push and push to make things better for the patients we serve.  Our friends in the legislature who spend hours talking up our positions to the skeptical, our counterparts at other associations who help us carry the load, all serve to make Scott look much better than he really is.

Shawn Riley, Vice President

Shawn is a Deputy Chief at Laconia Fire and Rescue.  Shawn is the voice of a municipal service, but also the voice of a hospital based service.  Shawn's years of teaching and coordinating education for EMS providers makes him indispensable to the association as we work diligently to improve the care we provide our patients.

Uniquely as well, Shawn started EMS life working for Derek's in Manchester.  When that was sucked up by Chaulk, Shawn found an entrepreneurial opportunity in the midst of change.  Shawn realized that Chaulk would not be providing the body removal services that the former company had, so he hung out his shingle and went int to business for himself.  Before long, Shawn had expanded into professional pall bearing as well.

Shawn sold his company and went to work as a marketing executive for Rockingham Ambulance beofre getting a job as a Medic Firefighter in Concord.  Leveraging his experience and teaching skills, Shawn was hired by Laconia Fire Rescue, to handle training in the capacity of a Deputy Chief.  In true entrepeneurial spirit Shawn found himself sweeping the apparatus floor one minute and wearing a white hat the next.

Shawn was selected to represent the NHAA at committee which redesigned the recertification process for EMT's.  Going into it, Shawn was convinced he would be left in the unappealing position of filing a minority report.  The group proved much more pragmatic and reasonable than expected, and the result was positive for providers as well as the patients this organization serves.

Shawn was shamed into the VP position, like so many on the executive board, because he realized things needed to be done and someone had to cowboy up and do it.  Realizing our patients care was under assault from disconnected bureaucrats striving to create regulation without considering the consequences to the patient, Shawn rose to the occasion.

Shawn has done a lot of behind the scenes work for which he doesn't get credit.

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