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The New Hampshire Ambulance Association

The New Hampshire Ambulance Association • PO Box 2344 • Concord, NH 03302-2344




Welcome to the New Hampshire Ambulance Association.  The voice for Ambulance service providers in New Hampshire.  Our group is a diverse mix of Municipal, Private, Fire Based, Hospital Based, for profit, not for profit, air and ground. 


Stop the

Ambulance Tax


Representative David Hess, from Hooksett, Representative Mary Jane wallner of Concord and Representative Neal Jurk of Weare have introduced an ammendment to SB 369 FN-A which would impose a 5% tax on revenues received by ambulance services.


The important distinction is that the bill taxes net revenues, not after expenses profits.  This is a tax on money off the top and many services already run at a loss.


For private services north of the Capital this may mean an end to commercial services for the inter facility transfer of patients as the after costs profit margins are below 5% to begin with.


The real problem is 911 Ambulance Services.  Right now cities and towns accross the state pay subsidies to provide 911 to their communities.  The revenues which partially off set these terrible costs will now be hit with a 5% tax which will only serve to drive up the cost of providing 911 Ambulance Services statewide. 


This is a clever broadbased tax which will affect every town and community in the state that provides 911 ambulance services.


Call your Representatives and ask them to stop the ambulance tax.  Stop SB 369 FN-A


Add your voice to ours.  Please join the New Hampshire Ambulance Association.


The New Hampshire Ambulance Association
P.O. Box 2344
Concord, NH 03302-2344

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